Minimal disturbance and inconvenience

Our team completes the jobs in a short time and without too much disturbance to your schedule

Lasting solution to high-traffic areas.

Sunstate Resurfacing provides lasting solutions to driveways and garages that only get better with age.

Tints and washes available.

Concrete staining or "acid staining" will change your concrete slab into a floor that looks like marble or aged stone.

Acid Stained Floors.

Acid stained floors can be used in your home, basement, garage, pool decks or patio.

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SunState Refinishing provides quality work on your poolside coverage, and walkways.

Decorative concrete resurfacing may be used to restore the natural concrete finish tarnished by dirty, cracked, broken or eroded concrete surfaces. Acid stains, stenciled patterns and designs, stamped textures and exposed aggregate and other masonary finishes can be used to achieve the look of brick, cobblestone, a company logo, polished marble and all with polymerized sealers and non-slip finishes.

Great Durability
Great Durability

Compressive, flexural, tensile and shear bond adhesion that is twice the strength of ordinary concrete.

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Selective Design
Selective Design

Select the design to match your decor, select the color and finish to create unified finish.

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Logos or stencil images
Logos or stencil images

Designs may include a logo, stenciled image where you desire, to match the chosen pattern.

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